Horbtech focuses on creating interactive, engaging, and effective e-learning solutions for schools. Using the latest design trends, technology, and instructional methods, we assist teachers and students in enhancing their learning strategies through a unique development process

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It saves time as teachers are able to cover more topics in a short period of time.

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improving the quality of education and making learning fun for students.

Our aim is achieving quality

Education through improved planning and by using technology to combat
some of the systematic barriers that affects the education system.

Classbox is a fully packed technological tool of premium built and design for

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    Teachers Efficiency

    It brings ease on the teaching jobs as teachers will find it easy to use both inside or outside the classroom, which will impact teacher’s effectiveness and ensure that your students is actively listening and enthusiastic about what they are learning

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    Inbuilt Educative Applications

    It comes with in-built educative applications such as textbook, attendance and teachers lesson note this will make teaching to be as easy as possible.

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    Students Engagement

    This device contains top notch application from international and national recognized publishers with high standards hereby settling pupils on the same level with their counterpart abroad and can be a great way to recapture and maintain your attention.

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Creating new learning innovations for better outcomes

Classbox is built to run with a growing library of open educational resources and the tools to adapt them to the school curriculum.